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      Case Studies

      We Share the Challenges & Solutions for Our Recent Clients

      Detroit Vs Everybody x Adidas

      Industry: Sportswear/ Streetwear
      Challenge: Capture content for a promotional video for the Detroit Vs Everybody X Adidas 313 Scavenger Hunt Campaign, which launched on 313 day in 2019!
      Solution: Co-directed the promotional shoot, ensuring all branding outlines are met and the necessary content captured for news outlets/online publications. SMSocial, assisted local media team, OVDO Media in planning and execution of the 313 Scavenger Hunt campaign.

      Forbes Under 30 Summit

      Industry: News/ Media
      Challenge: Helped in building a local demand for the Forbes under 30 Summit, hosted in Detroit annually. (2019-2022)
      Solution: We crafted a giveaway campaign, to help spread awareness, and reach for the event. The giveaway generated 17,650+ (local organic reach), 554 local entries, and 58,890+ organic impressions on the post. We also assisted in capturing content at the event for the Forbes social media team to use online during the event, real-time.

      Farmington Hills Family Dentistry

      Industry: Health/ Wellness
      Problem: Dr. Rami, wanted to be known as a local celebrity dentist. With a focus highly on increasing sales on whitenings and veneers.
      Solution: SMSocial crafted an influencer campaign targeted around teeth whitenings, using reputable, influential, and local public figures in the Farmington and Metro Detroit area. This campaign resulted in a spike for whitenings during the month of Feb as numbers rose over 82%.

      Detroit Diamond Girl

      Industry: Jewelry/ Cosmetics
      Problem: “Customers can’t find us online, we’re losing business due to no online sales” – Karina Khalife Mass
      Solution: We assisted Karina with on-going social media marketing, content curation, and we also crafted a new locally SEO optimized website for “DetroitDiamondGirl“. Resulting in her securing the first page on Google and top result on the local map pack.

      Chili Pepper's Tanning

      Industry: Tanning/Wellness
      Challenge: Complete online re-branding and creating brand awareness in the Metro Detroit area.
      Solution: Cleaned up all of Chili Pepper’s Tanning social media channels and built a 12-month social media strategy plan to gain brand awareness. Captured new content, including photos, videos, and graphics. Established a partnership with the Detroit Pistons Dance Team for an Influencer Campaign. Designed and developed a new 25+ page e-commerce website.


      Industry: CBD/ Cannabis
      Challenge: A new business needed full branding and online development.
      Solution: We crafted a multi-level branding and marketing plan. We built a logo, curated brand colors, created a branding outline booklet, overall mission statement, business pillars, competitor research, logistics, copywriting for 80+ product inventory, designed a full e-commerce website with full SEO copywriting, and content creation; including photo, video, and graphics.